On 9 December 2014 Nikolai Khomenko would have turned 60...

When Nikolai passed away in 2011, Vera Khomenko shared his archive with us and asked to make it available for a wider audience. Nikolai did not leave any directions on working with his materials, however there are two things we are certain about: 1) he wanted OTSM-TRIZ to be used and developed; 2) he was cautious that the system he developed would be 'taken to bits and pieces' rather than mastered as a whole.

The development of the General Theory of Powerful Thinking (OTSM) began at the end of the 1980s under direct supervision of Genrich Altshuller. Altshuller was the one who gave Nikolai his permission to use the acronym OTSM on condition that its origin is always explained.

Nikolai dreamed of having  an electronic OTSM-TRIZ manual. He worked hard on it and left numerous drafts. Obviously our version will never coincide with the one he envisaged but we did our best to develop the site on the basis of the programme for his last large OTSM-TRIZ seminar in Chelyabinsk. The seminar he did not manage to run.

Over the past four year of working with Nikolai's archive, we have published more than 170 papers and presentations of Nikolai in Russian and English, as well as photos, memories of his friends and news of the OTSM-TRIZ community.

This electronic resource is a full copy of the site for the end of 2014. The site will continue to grow and we hope that this is not the last edition. The disk includes all the materials from the site apart from videos.

Preparation of materials and their editing is a voluntary activity. Initially the costs for translation and hosting were supported by Nikolai's family.

The following people took part in selection and editing of materials: Alla Nesterenko, Galina Terekhova, Natalia Chizhevskaya, Irina Volodina, Anna Korzun, Alexander Sokol, Igor Kaikov, Nikolai Shpakovsky, Tatiana Sidorchuk, Natalia Khomenko, Anna Nesterenko. The inventory of the paper archive was prepared by L.Kozhenvnikova. V.Berezina authored the rules of working with the archive. Translations were made by Irina Matsiralnik and Oleg Kaikov.

We are grateful to Alexey Tkachev for sponsoring the works on preparation of the cash copy of the site.

Alla Nesterenko (translated by Alexander Sokol)